Entertainment Explosion!

The JSL is thrilled to announce that local celebrity musician Lucio Rubino will be performing with local band OH NO at this year’s Halla Galla!

As many of you know, Lucio is the founder of the record label The Fish Tank Recordings. He was previously the lead singer of the Christian rock band Storyside:B, which also included local celebrity Preston Pohl, now a contestant on NBC’s “The Voice,” who sang with the band Humanzee at last year’s gala! You do not want to miss this special performance of Lucio Rubino with OH NO at this year’s Halla Galla, so buy those tickets now!

(Lucio’s website is: http://www.thefishtankrecordings.com/)

Halla Galla Attire Ideas

With just under two weeks to go until the 2013 Halla Galla, it’s Attire crunch time! Still trying to decide what to wear? Don’t worry, there’s still time to put together a fantastic galla outfit!

As the JSL’s biggest fundraising event of the year, the annual Galla is traditionally a black tie event. Many guests choose to dress in traditional ball gowns and tuxedos. Since this year’s event theme and decor is “Steampunk”, some guests are choosing to add Steampunk elements to their black tie attire. These Steampunk elements will include Steampunk jewelry, hairstyles, and makeup. Some guests may delve deep into the Steampunk genre and go all out from head to toe! Some gentlemen will surely be sporting Steampunk vests, cravats, and googles! Finally, there will definitely be guests who want to dress middle of the road by sticking to a mix between black tie and Steampunk, which will likely take them down the Victorian era attire path. One thing is for sure, there will be a wide variety of outfits at this year’s event! 

We’re always so excited to the wide range of outfits and this year’s galla will be no exception! Here are a few examples of the fashions you’ll see at this year’s event!

Traditional Black Tire Attire…

Victorian Attire…

Steampunk Attire…

The Dance Guild of St. Augustine to Perform at the 2013 Halla Galla

One highlight of the Halla Galla 2013 on October 19 will be live performances by The Dance Guild of St. Augustine! The Guild’s 2013 Halla Galla Performance will be produced by Marie Laperriere (The Dance Company) and Nicole Muro (Nan Nkama West African Drum and Dance). The Dance Guild has been creating and performing original shows since 2009, connecting a large network of dance educators, choreographers and students from throughout our community. The other core members of the Guild are Jennifer Dournaux (Florida School of the Arts and Abella’s) and Dani Mitchell (Florida School for the Deaf and Blind).  This performance is made possible by the ongoing studio support of The Dance Company and its Artistic Director Stephanie Burkhardt, along with the charitable support of the Junior Service League. 

Guild shows have been held at The Limelight Theater, FSDB, Flagler College, the 2012 JSL Halla Galla, and privately for small events year round.  All additional performers are brought in by invitation and include a revolving and growing cast of local artists, dance teachers and students of all styles. The Guild’s greater mission is to advocate for dancers and increase the presence and visibility of dance in St. Augustine. To imbibe St. Augustine’s already reputable musical and visual arts scene with acts of vibrant movement and memorable creativity. 

The 2013 Halla Galla Performance “Britten’s Miraculous Machine” includes: Nicole Muro, Nicole Tristram, Dani Mitchell, Whitney Shafer, Jesse Britten, Ashlyn Scheff, Lindsey Taylor, Rachel Nelson, Marie Laperriere, Jennifer Dournaux, Meghan Daly, and Susannah Dowling.


Must See Local Entertainment at the 2013 Halla Galla!

Anyone who’s spent time in St. Augustine knows our city is is overflowing with fantastic local entertainment! The Junior Service league of St. Augustine is honored to have some of our favorite local acts performing at this year’s 2013 Halla Galla on Saturday, October 19.

The Galla’s cocktail hour will feature live music by Wes Register. Wes, who’s also a member of the Paper City Hustlers, is well-known for playing Cellar 6. After the cocktail hour, Wes will play live music throughout the evening on the outside porch of the Lightner museum. Enjoy cocktails from the outdoor bar while listening to live music under the stars! Please Like Wes on Facebook at Facebook.com/wesleyregister or for more information on his band, visit Facebook.com/papercityhustlers.

Throughout the evening, the Dance Guild of St. Augustine will perform. The Guild is comprised of community dancers and dance teachers from the St. Augustine and Jacksonville areas. The Guild’s goal is to promote dancing of all styles for all ages. They collaborate to put on seasonal performances to bring the community together in celebration of dance. Check out the Guild on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dance-Guild-of-St-Augustine/451309951560476?ref=profile.

Looking for a paranormal experience? Two Ghouls will offer psychic readings and fortune telling on the Lightner Museum patio throughout the evening. Get a peek into your future or learn more about your past!

Our premier act for the evening will be OH NO, performing live music on the lower level of the Lightner Museum. St. Augustine’s hottest new band, OH NO has combines members of local bands Humanzee and Sex Machine Gun. OH NO features a broad range of music across multiple genres, bursting with energy that will make you dance all night long. OH NO features music from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, just to name a few. Like OH NO on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/OhNoStAugustine or visit their website: http://www.reverbnation.com/OhNoStAugustine.

Wow, what a night of incredible entertainment! Tickets for last year’s Galla sold out, so be sure to purchase tickets online today at http://hallagalla.com/site/tickets/. See you there!

2013 Uptown Candidate Kickoff

Join us this Friday in Downtown St Augustine for the Uptown Candidate Kickoff event!

Our King and Queen candidates will be stopping by some of your favorite downtown stops.

See you there!

What’s Your Steampunk Style?

Wondering what your Steampunk style is? Take this quiz to find out!


What is Steampunk?

This year’s 2013 Gala theme is Steampunk! What exactly is Steampunk, you ask? It’s a science fiction subgenre, where the romantic 19th century Victorian era intersects with the industrialized Western civilization. Followers of the Steampunk movement describe is as “what the past would look like if the future happened sooner.” Think: Wild Wild West, A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Van Helsing, The Time Machine, and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

So, where do we get the “steam” and the “punk” from? Steampunk is where steam-power machinery of the Industrial Revolution converges with science fiction. The “punk” comes from rebelling against the norm and challenging convention. A hallmark of Steampunk is the creativity and imagination for turning scrap bits, goggles, and gadgets into works of art and costume. Steampunk celebrates self-reliance and individuality in style, design, and attittude. Anything goes!

Looking for even more info on Steampunk? Check out some of our favorite sites: