The Dance Guild of St. Augustine to Perform at the 2013 Halla Galla

One highlight of the Halla Galla 2013 on October 19 will be live performances by The Dance Guild of St. Augustine! The Guild’s 2013 Halla Galla Performance will be produced by Marie Laperriere (The Dance Company) and Nicole Muro (Nan Nkama West African Drum and Dance). The Dance Guild has been creating and performing original shows since 2009, connecting a large network of dance educators, choreographers and students from throughout our community. The other core members of the Guild are Jennifer Dournaux (Florida School of the Arts and Abella’s) and Dani Mitchell (Florida School for the Deaf and Blind).  This performance is made possible by the ongoing studio support of The Dance Company and its Artistic Director Stephanie Burkhardt, along with the charitable support of the Junior Service League. 

Guild shows have been held at The Limelight Theater, FSDB, Flagler College, the 2012 JSL Halla Galla, and privately for small events year round.  All additional performers are brought in by invitation and include a revolving and growing cast of local artists, dance teachers and students of all styles. The Guild’s greater mission is to advocate for dancers and increase the presence and visibility of dance in St. Augustine. To imbibe St. Augustine’s already reputable musical and visual arts scene with acts of vibrant movement and memorable creativity. 

The 2013 Halla Galla Performance “Britten’s Miraculous Machine” includes: Nicole Muro, Nicole Tristram, Dani Mitchell, Whitney Shafer, Jesse Britten, Ashlyn Scheff, Lindsey Taylor, Rachel Nelson, Marie Laperriere, Jennifer Dournaux, Meghan Daly, and Susannah Dowling.


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