Candidate – Robert Mathis

King Candidate - Robert Mathis

Robert Mathis

Robert Mathis is a candidate for the 2012 JSL Gala.

Captain Robert K. Mathis, Jr. is the owner of Old City Water Excursions, providing custom tours of the local waterways. Robert is honored to be selected as a candidate for Society King! Born and raised in St. Augustine, Robert’s mother, Jane, would often recruit him to help with JSL events - sometimes picking up trash, sometimes waiting tables, and more recently, parking cars for parties at her house. Robert currently serves as President of the Tower Club, a "Young at Heart" professional's group which supports the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum, with a focus on the programs for at risk and underserved children. He also serves as Volunteer Chairman of the St. John’s Unit Operating Board for the American Cancer Society.

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