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The first thing to learn about Steampunk attire is let your imagination run wild! Be yourself and be creative. Steampunk styles mix Victorian with modern, industrial inventions. Traditionally, Steampunk outfits are handmade or purchased from speciality shops or thrift stores. One common element usually ties a Steampunk outfit together. Examples include parasols, top hats, goggles, or mechanical gadgets.

Color me SteampunkThere’s a common misconception that Steampunk fashions are strictly neutral colors, such as browns, burgandies, bronzes, and golds. This may stem from the majority of 19th and 20th century photographs and films are either in sepia tone or grayscale. While neutrals are certainly popular in today’s Steampunk fashions, Victorian era clothing was quite colorful and clothing styles included patterned fabrics. While bright neon colors are rarely seen in Steampunk fashions, popular colors includes dark reds, teals, greens, or blues. Strips and damask print may even be worn. Consider mixing and matching colors and fabric prints. So, don’t be afraid to incorporate color into your Steampunk attire!

For the ladies…outfits often include parasols, petticoats, and corsets, along with a headpiece, hat, stylish pins, or industrial-style headpieces. Steampunk ladies may wear dresses or skirts. Gloves, especially fingerless ones, are popular in Steampunk fashion.

For the gentlemenattire often includes suits with vests and straight coats, remniscent of Victorian times. Accessories include top hats, gloves, and leather boots. Gentlemen’s Steampunk styles combine industrial elements such as clocks and gadgets.  Pocket watches are often seen in Steampunk fashion. Most of all, goggles are a must!

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HairstylesBe creative. Consider combining a Victorian hairstyle with an edgy, punk hairpiece. Up-do’s with loose curls are hallmarks of the Steampunk style. Hair dye is very popular in Steampunk. Hairstyles may also feature braids, beads, and feathers.The most important Steampunk hairstyle tip is accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! For more great ideas visit http://www.steampunkgeneration.com/ or http://www.squidoo.com/steampunk-hair-styles.

To top it offHats, including top hats, skimmers, pilot helmets, and newsboy hats are very popular in Steampunk fashion.

Looking for a great place to find all things Steampunk Fashion? There are over 19,000 Steampunk items on www.etsy.com. Search for “Steampunk Clothing” and check it out for yourself! Here are links to some of our favorite Steampunk fashion sites:


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